Get outside → feel better.


We’ll work together in an outdoor environment to address anxiety, depression, stress, quality of life, identity, and other struggles we face in a busy, demanding world.


Imagine what your life will look like when your challenges aren’t holding you back.


You might be…


Facing anxiety, depression, worry, or lack of motivation in your daily life + future

pulses green.png

Confronting expectations, pressure, or perfectionism that drain your energy or inspiration


Looking to understand what happiness is, and find it in your own life


Struggling to set and accomplish your goals, or figure out what you want



“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

— Albert Einstein


I can help you with scheduling + services that fit your time + budget.

  • flexible scheduling for busy professionals, or those trying to juggle family, work, school, adulting + life

  • a variety of session options to make time, resources, and cost work for you

  • individual workshops if you can’t meet frequently, but are serious about the changes you want to make

  • groups if you’re looking for a community + connection

Megan Yarnall, MA, LPCC, MFTC, BCBA Owner & Therapist

Megan Yarnall, MA, LPCC, MFTC, BCBA
Owner & Therapist