Approach & Beliefs

Every therapist and counselor has their own beliefs and approach regarding the therapy process, making progress, and how our problems show up in our lives. To make sure we’re a good fit, I like to be upfront about mine before we begin.

I take a contextual approach to therapy, which means that I like to acknowledge the systems and environments of which we are a part, as well as how those have influence on our lives. I believe that problems are part of our world - not part of us. They reside outside of us and our identities, and when we’re not aware of them and their influence, their effects can be deep and challenging.

I enjoy seeing clients outside for a few reasons - one being that nature in and of itself is a neutral place. There is no “good” or “bad” in nature - it just is. What happens, happens. Thus, it is a place of non-judgement (a great model for us to learn from). Additionally, shutting ourselves in an office so that problems are shielded only gives those problems more power by way of shame and hiding. When we’re outside, we’re careful to find private spaces when difficult or sensitive conversation calls for it; but we’re still residing in the community instead of hiding away.

See below for some specific beliefs with which I approach people, life, and therapy.

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When I come from a place of curiosity, taking interest in another’s experience, I am less likely to make assumptions and more likely to simply listen and learn. This is imperative when working with others; without being curious, I can’t really get to know someone, and without getting to know someone, it’s quite difficult to support them in a way that’s actually meaningful to them.



Non-judgment follows curiosity. When I’m not making assumptions, it allows space to also not make judgments. My intention here is that you will have the space to truly show up as yourself, without worry of another’s opinions.

imagination & Creativity

Developing change in our lives invites imagination and creativity to dream of how we’d like things to be. From there, we can work on how to make that happen.


Healing and change isn’t something I can do for you; it’s a process that we work on together. You’ve consulted me about a problem or about change you seek in your life. I invite you to teach me about you and your life, and I will offer my experience of helping people find their own inner wisdom that helps them create movement in their lives.


Therapy is a process of learning how to handle discomfort, as well as learning about the agency and say that you have in your life.