Find your way from here to there

Behavioral coaching with a wellness approach can help your self-vision become clear, and help you become effective and productive in a way that is meaningful for you. With someone to hold you accountable for yourself, as well as to guide goal setting and purpose-finding, you can find your path from being stuck to being in a place that’s purposeful and intentional for you.


Behavior from a wellness perspective

Do you find yourself saying, “I’d like to create new habits, but I don’t know how to stick with it?” Or, “I’m interested in trying (fill in the blank!) but I don’t feel any motivation”? Approaching behavior change from a holistic wellness perspective that address mind and body together can help us understand how to bring change into our lives, and work towards changes with small, reasonable steps that build motivation, momentum, and intention. When we take everything into consideration, rather than looking at parts of our lives in isolation, we find ways to move from here to there.


guidance in goal setting and achievement

One of the challenges in creating change is understanding how new behaviors are developed and old behaviors are lessened or diminished. We’ll help you create overarching, achievable goals that effect the change you’re looking for, and then we’ll break down those goals into manageable steps and create a tailored program that strengthens the new habits you’re looking to create. With smaller goals, you can “reality test” if this change truly works for you, and it will be clear if “there” is where you want to go.

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purpose and intention

Behavior change wouldn’t be complete without looking at why we’re doing what we’re doing - we’ll explore together the intention behind the change you seek in order to make sure that it’s the change that you want, and that it will work for you. When a new habit or change is a better fit for you, and creates the effects you want to see in your life (i.e. new friends, new work, etc.) it’s more likely to stick. With new change comes new purpose and meaning.