Use these 3 simple ways to bring nature inside with you

In the spirit of reconnecting with nature, we need to acknowledge how our homes and our living spaces are frequently cut off from the outdoors. In our cars we roll up the windows to better control temperature or keep outside smells outside; in our homes we closely regulate the temperature, squash bugs that penetrate our personal space, and have walls and windows to regulate fresh airflow so we can be most comfortable.

It feels like we don’t let nature inside our spaces because it might mean we’d be uncomfortable. Well, a little bit of discomfort can go a long way in learning how to handle challenges such as anxiety or depression, but here’s the good news: you can bring nature inside your home and still be comfortable.

Try it these three ways:

  1. Plants.

    I think this is the most obvious, and most talked about. You might be sighing and rolling your eyes right now. But I frequently hear about how people have trouble keeping plants alive (myself included) or they don’t have time to carefully take care of plants that require monitoring, water, sunlight, and so on. Well - there are a few plants that are hard to kill, even without a green thumb, including spider plants, philodendrons, and aloe. DIY Network has a great list of hard-to-kill houseplants.

    You can also bring plants into your home with paintings or beautiful wallpapers. Just looking at plants can be helpful and connect you to the outside.

  2. Sound.

    Just this past weekend a friend of mine teased me when I said I like to fall asleep to crickets and wake up to birds - by using an app on my phone that has timers for this. It reminds me of sleeping outside at summer camp, and sleeping in a hammock while backpacking. I know they’re not real, but when I close my eyes, I feel settled. My friend tested this out, and he had to admit… it was soothing. He forgot they weren’t real once he closed his eyes and simply listened.

    My favorite app is White Noise - available for both iPhone and Android.

  3. Materials & Touch

    Decorations, furniture, or wares made out of natural materials such as wood or bamboo can go a long way in helping your home feel cozy and natural. Along with this comes natural color that will make your space reminiscent of being outside. Using wood bowls in your kitchen is one example of a simple way to do this. Some of your furniture might be wood or bamboo, or you might think of that as an option when the time comes for your next purchase.

    You might be thinking, “I already have these things - I’m not going to replace them just because…” That’s true, and there are other ways you can bring materials in. For example, I like to keep pinecones and small rocks and stones on my desk. Sometimes when I’m working, I pick them up and feel their weight, texture, and shape in my hand for a moment of focus and calm.

While these are some of my favorite ways to bring nature inside, there are many more - including lighting, views/sight, and more. Better Homes & Gardens offers a few more creative ideas as well.

Other ideas? Let us know by reaching out via email or our contact form.

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