You deserve healing, happiness, and peace. 


Continually, research is now quantifying what we've always known: we feel better when we go outside. 

Nature therapy can offer you something different than traditional therapy. Going back to our roots, being outside helps us get in tune with the calm and peace of nature. In contrast to our busy daily lives that demand a fast pace, attention everywhere, and constant worry about what's happening next, nature reminds us of the pace and flow that we strive to capture. Nature helps us return to that pace and slow down. 

Nature therapy sessions take place outside, rain or shine. 

A nature therapy session may include: 

  • Mindful walking in the woods, in a park, or in an open space area
  • Activities and exercises that incorporate the rocks, trees, sticks, and dirt around us 
  • Trust and connection activities 
  • Verbal or written reflection 
  • Journaling 
  • Mindful sense exercises that focus on seeing, listening, and smelling