Find Self Care & Release

Nature-based therapy offers a healing experience with the sunshine, fresh air, wind, and trees. We start by making an inventory of the senses and sensations that are most comforting and pleasurable to you; from there we move into an exploration of what benefits and what change you seek, and navigate the path of working toward the movement and purpose you find meaningful in your life.

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All Trailhead sessions are conducted outdoors at local parks and open spaces, unless otherwise requested by a client. We even hold sessions in rain or snow (as long as it’s safe), because we believe that if cold or rain can’t stop us, neither can our struggles.


COMPREHENSIVE and cohesive

Your mental health isn’t just about staying calm, feeling less sad, feeling more motivated, getting fresh air, etc. etc. It’s also about a whole wellness approach that incorporates movement, practicing vulnerability, connection, and community. Trailhead will connect you with other relevant practitioners or resources to support you on your journey. We’ll also spend time outside and focus on an integrated wellness approach for mind and body.


movement with nature

While we hold all our sessions outside, it doesn’t mean that every session is a hardcore, intense forage into the woods or mountains. We aim to create movement during session to activate our bodies and minds. This means we can meet at the park and walk and talk, hike, incorporate mindfulness activities, hang in a hammock, or just sit near a tree and have a conversation. We believe that just being outside helps us make a mental shift to connection and calm.