Therapy at Trailhead is…


Permission to not care what others think

At Trailhead, we approach therapy with the question of what works for you, based on your values and intentions, rather than answering to the expectations of those around you. When we’re in relationship with others (which we always are), sometimes we do want to meet their expectations or please them - and that’s okay too, as long as that’s also what you want.

A self study of our relationships with the world around us

We are in relationship with everything in our world - not just humans! Having nature as a collaborative partner in therapy helps us understand how we impact others and how they impact us, so that we can make choices about how we want to show up in their lives. We’ll also explore how we are in relationship to ideas, invisible forces, problems, experience, and self.


A study of the invisible and previously unspoken

In my experience working with clients, clients and I have frequently come to the conclusion that there are forces or influences acting on us that we haven’t given voice to before. Maybe those are the expectations of others, identities that others have created for us, or even unspoken cultural assumptions and unwritten rules for the “right” way to live. Sometimes unwritten rules don’t work for us, and therapy creates the opportunity to identify these unwritten rules, and then write our own.

a process of learning how to tolerate discomfort

Shit happens, and we can’t always change it. Sometimes we have to learn new ways of being with events we didn’t expect, or weren’t enjoyable. Therapy helps us understand the impact on our lives, gives space and consideration to grief, loss, trauma, or a new way of being, and helps you choose how you want to exist in this world as a human being despite what we can’t control.